Hand Book
Our Mission is:
“To provide our students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be effective members of society.”
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Helen Gorman Elementary SCHOOL

Welcome to Helen Gorman Elementary School.  The staff is looking forward to working with your children as we begin another exciting and rewarding academic year.  With supportive parents and guardians, dedicated staff and great students, the future holds tremendous promise and opportunity.
This handbook is prepared to provide you with some basic information on school policies and procedures.  A full parent handbook is available online at www.hge.sd23.bc.ca.  This agenda will also serve as a resource to develop skills in planning and organization.
I look forward to working with all staff, parents and students to meet the many challenges in achieving all of our school goals.
Linda Ross, Principal

Enrolling Teachers:
Mrs. Kim Casorso
Ms Linda Ross – Principal
Mrs. Kimberly David
Mrs. Anatasia Fuller
Support Staff:
Mrs. Cindy Kerr
Ms. Becky Jean
Mrs. Shelley Dornian – Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Erin Pendergast
Mrs. Tracy Withers – Library Clerk

Mr. Doug Gurakowski – Day Custodian
Mrs. Sarah Dawson
TBA – Evening Custodian
Mrs. Alycia Soukeroff
Mrs. Tracey Vasko
Certified Educational Assistants:
Mrs. Carol Lee Sproule
Mrs Jennifer Mandau
Ms. Wendy Marsich

Mrs Lori Gillmann

Mrs Kristine Larson
Mrs. Kacey Caird
Ms. Theresa Davidson
Mrs. Kristy Thresher
Mrs. Dana Gunn
Non-Enrolling Staff:
Mrs Susan Noble – Librarian/Prep./Technology
Ms Shannon Kirkey – Learning Assistance
Mrs. Mary Macdonald – Elementary Counsellor
Ms. Michelle Erdman - First Nations Advocate
Ms. Brittany McParland  - Interpreter 
  1. I have a RIGHT to learn.
It is my RESPONSIBILITY to listen to instructions, work quietly at my desk and to raise my hand if I have a question, concern or need to leave.
  1. I have a RIGHT to hear and be heard.
It is my RESPONSIBILITY not to talk, shout, or make loud noises when others are speaking.
  1. I have a RIGHT to be respected.
It is my RESPONSIBILITY to be sensitive to the feelings of others.  I will not tease, bully, or annoy other people or hurt their feelings. I will use appropriate language.
  1. I have a RIGHT to be safe.
It is my RESPONSIBILITY not to threaten or physically harm anyone else. 
  1. I have a RIGHT to privacy and to my own personal space.
It is my RESPONSIBILITY to respect the personal property of others and to accept their right to privacy. 
At Helen Gorman Elementary we want to help our students develop into socially responsible citizens.  To this purpose, we have established a consistent school-wide approach and philosophy toward behaviour:
I take care of myself
I take care of others
I take care of this place
There will be a strong emphasis on developing community this year at the school as we continue to operate on the philosophy  that all children have the right to learn.   To do so, each student must be in a school climate that is safe, satisfying and productive, without disruptive behaviour by any student infringing upon the rights of others.
Home and school alike, must share responsibility for teaching appropriate, acceptable behaviour. By working together we can ensure positive student conduct.  Discipline is essential in building accountability, responsibility, respect for others, and most important, for the students’ self-esteem.
Students must understand that they are responsible for their behaviour and they must recognize that any behaviour that disrupts or detracts from the educational climate of the school is unacceptable.  Any behaviour that encroaches upon the rights of others is not responsible behaviour.  Students are expected to follow reasonable rules that are established for the benefit of the student body as a whole as well as the community.  Student conduct should be governed accordingly.
Our school-wide approach to discipline will:
1.      Help the student to identify his/her problem (s);
2.      Help the student to take responsibility for the problem and solve it;
3.      Leave everyone’s dignity intact.
Students are permitted to go home for lunch with parental permission.
Those who remain at school for the noon hour including the eating period are expected to:
-        maintain common sense behaviour
-        remain seated while eating
-        place garbage/recycling in the cans provided when dismissed.
-        seek permission from a Noon Hour Supervisor to leave the room
-        listen respectfully to the Noon Hour Supervisors
1.      Pupils are expected to come to school wearing suitable clothing.
2.      During the warm weather, beach wear is NOT considered acceptable dress (short shorts, crop tops, halter tops, mesh shirts, or muscle shirts, and proper footwear must be worn (no flip flops).
3.      During the winter weather, students are expected to dress in appropriate outer wear.
4.      Pupils wearing clothing which may be considered offensive will be asked to make immediate arrangements for alternate clothing.
5.      Hats are not to be worn inside the building.
6.      For safety reasons, pupils wearing dangling earrings, heavy necklaces or some other jewelry items can be asked to remove these items while at school.
7.      Excessive use of make-up will be monitored and dealt with on an individual basis.
8.      Temporary hair colour (e.g., the use of bingo dabbers) is not acceptable at school except on school spirit days.
9.      Non marking indoor running shoes are  to be worn during P.E. classes.
10.   Indoor shoes are to be worn during the winter months.
Student and vehicle searches may be made based on reasonable suspicions of a violation of school rules and/or law. The search shall be made pursuant to the reasonableness, under all the circumstances, of the search. The search of the student shall be justified at its inception, based on reasonable suspicion and reasonable scope in light of the age and sex of the student and the nature of the infraction. Contraband and other property unauthorized to be on school property or school sponsored activities will be seized for evidentiary purposes in a school hearing and/or legal hearing. Return of the property may be made to the parents/guardians of the student. Illegal contraband or other property will be turned over to the proper law enforcement.
It is not appropriate for students to display behaviours of a romantic or sexual nature at school.
Lockers are the property of the school and are assigned to the students for school use. Students hold neither expectation of privacy in their lockers nor any other school property. Students leave articles of value in lockers at their own risk. School officials have the authority to search all school property (including lockers) at any time without notice, and to seize any property prohibited by law or school policy.
Parents/Guardians are asked to note that the School District cannot assume responsibility for the loss of and/or damage to personal property which is brought onto the school property. Students should not bring electronic devices (eg. Cell Phones, iPods, etc.) to school as these types of devices often interfere with the learning environment of a school. If a situation occurs where direct communication with your son/daughter is necessary in the classroom setting, please consult with the Principal.
Students involved in major infractions (IE smoking, fighting, drugs, vandalism, defiance) will be dealt with by the administration. Parents will be contacted immediately and informed of the disciplinary procedures. A suspension may occur as a result of a major violation. The RCMP will be contacted if the incident is against the law and an indefinite suspension may result. Such incidents will be dealt with in accordance with School Board Policy and Regulations on Discipline. In a report of something illegal or dangerous the school reserves the right to search a student, locker, vehicle and belongings.