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Student Fees

​STUDENT FEES are due on the last day of September - Please contact the office if you need to make arrangements for your fee payment.  Payments can still be made online by following the instructions, below: 

In total, fees are $45.00 for the year, which includes $35 for year-long Student Supplies + $10 Cultural Fee. For safety and efficiency reasons, we want to reduce the amount of cash and cheques coming into our school. This year, school related expenses are again available online for you to make payment. You can also pay by credit card online. Please take 5 minutes to register:

* Go to this website:

* Register by selecting the “Get Started Today” and follow these 3 steps:

 Step #1 Parent/Guardian Name

 Step #2 Parent/Guardian Address & Email

 Step #3 Create Password

* After you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email. Open your email and select the
 web link (underlined in blue) then choose the ‘click here’ option and sign in. 


  • Add children (name & birthdate - type very carefully)
  • Choose and confirm your child(ren).
  • Choose “My Account” and then “View My Students”
  • Choose your child (all your children will then appear). Start with first child and add the first fee to your cart, press back button and repeat until all fees are added to cart. (Unfortunately, all fees have to be added to cart individually).  
  • Once all items are in cart, go to ‘check out’.
  • If all fees are attached, press continue.
  • Make payments by cheque or credit card (review & complete)
  • Print Receipt (you can print out your receipts any time throughout the year). 
  • You are done!!  THANK YOU!

For the families who are unable to pay on-line at this time, please forward the fees to the school with your son/daughter as soon as possible (invoice statements have been sent home).

​If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Rouleau in the office 250-870-5116.