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Our Inquiry Process

In October 2017, we scanned all of our students with the help of our teachers, CEAs, parents and administrators.  Our students were able to identify by name at least 2 adults in our HGE community that believe that they will be a success in life.  They were able to identify what they were learning and why it is important.  They positively responded to how their learning was going. In September 2017  we asked the  teachers 'What are we presently doing at our school for our learners and how (do you think) they are doing both  Social Emotionally and with Differentiation of Instruction?  After scanning with the teachers, we focused on Social and Emotional process with our students. A Social Emotional Common Language chart was created and completed in January 2018. 

The staff and students at HGE continue to incorporate the OECD seven principles of learning, First Peoples Principles of Learning as well as Social and Emotional goals in all of their teachings.  In September 2018 to present  our in depth learning plan includes; Inquiry approach to learning and teaching, Communicating student learning,Innovative learning environments and Using an Indigenous lens with both learning and teaching the core competencies through The 6 Cedars & 4 Food Chefs.

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