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Our Learning Story @HGE


Helen Gorman Elementary has a rich legacy. Helen Gorman Elementary was built in 1992. Our school was named for Helen Irene Gorman who resided in the Glenrosa area from 1916 until her passing. She attended the one room school in Glenrosa until Grade 8 then completed her high school through correspondence. At the age of 18 Ms. Gorman returned to the Glenrosa School as the teacher, where she continued until the little school closed in 1942. After 41 years of teaching, in 1972 Ms. Gorman decided to retire.  

Ms. Gorman was such a popular teacher and remembered by so many for the help she had given over the years, that in 1992 the new school in Glenrosa was named in her honour. Ms. Gorman was actively involved in school events until at the age of 85, when she suffered a stroke.

We are very proud that our school is named after such a special person who cared about others and always saw the good in everyone. We will continue to honour her endeavoring to make Helen Gorman Elementary a school to be proud of.

In our 2019 - 2020 year, Helen Gorman Elementary has a population of 227. We are a lovely school situated in the Glenrosa area surrounded by pine trees and rolling hills. Our school growth plans have included in 2016 a focus on instilling the School District's 21st Century Attributes as a Learner (Thinker, Collaborator, Innovator Learner and Contributor), going deeper into the re-design curriculum and working towards creating a deeper understanding of numbers; building confidence in communicating and applying their number sense to real world situations. In September 2017 we scanned teachers about social emotional being - questioning 'What are we presently doing at our school for our learners and how are they are doing?'  We focused on developing  an emotional and social common language grid, school wide, completing this process in January 2018.  In September 2018 we implemented 4 new learning plans that we are continuing to dig deeper. HGE continues to develop and focus on communicating student learning; the why, what and how, the inquiry approach to learning and teaching, using the 6 Cedars program and The 4 Food Chiefs to teach the core competencies and the Attributes of a Learner through an Indigenous lens, as well as creating innovative learning environments in and out of the school.

Along with our many school initiatives our staff and students have been working together to create a strong HGE culture. Our students with their music teacher Mrs. Ziebart and artist Andrew Allen have created a school song incorporating our history along with the 21st century attributes. The students then worked with a local artist Linda Lovisia to create a mural depicting the song. We invited artist Mr. Dean Lauze to create a mural in our gym; making reference to our surrounding environment along with our Cougar mascot.