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Helen Gorman Elementary
Learning, Together
Our Inquiry Process

​​​The Spirals of Inquiry

Like all Central Okanagan Public Schools, the Spirals of Inquiry (Halbert & Kaser) is the framework which has guided our inquiry process and has led to our six learning goals

Spirals Summary 2017.jpg

Our Beginnings

In October 2017, we scanned all of our students with the help of our teachers, CEAs, parents and administrators.  Our students were able to identify by name at least two adults in our HGE community that believe that they will be a success in life.  They were able to identify what they were learning and why it is important.  They positively responded to how their learning was going. In September 2017,  we asked the  teachers 'What are we presently doing at our school for our learners and how (do you think) they are doing both social emotionally and with differentiation of instruction?'  These initial scans led to our common language described in our social emotional learning goal which was completed in January 2018. 

Transition Scanning

As a new member to the school community in the Spring of 2020, the Principal Rob Aviani embarked on a series of learning conversations with staff, parents, and students. Two open-ended questions were asked:

  • What is the most important thing about Helen Gorman that you want me to know?
  • What can I do as principal to create the conditions for you to be at your very best?

Here is a summary of the results.

​What is the most important thing that you want me to know?
​What can I do as principal to create the conditions for you to be at your very best?
  • HGE is a great school community
    • Dedicated and capable teachers and support staff
    • Families are wonderful and close-knit
    • Students are welcoming and friendly
  • The community looks out for one another and is quick to rally around worthy causes
  • It is a privilege to be a part of this school community
  • Communicate well
    • Ask us questions
    • Make everyone feel a part of the team and that their voice is heard​ & valued
  • Build relationships with staff, students, and the community
    • Be approachable, present & visible
  • Have high expectations
  • Support us by letting us take risks
  • Honour our traditions
  • Be fair

A scan of the EdPlan Insight data showed strong results. Seventy seven percent of students were fully meeting expectations on PM Benchmarks, 91% of intermediate students earned a C+ or higher in English Language Arts, and 82% of students were meeting expectations or higher on the School Wide Write.

These scans have been ongoing and have continued in the 2021-22 school year. This information helps us shape our areas of focus as well as letting us know how we are doing. 

Next Steps

As we navigate our response to the pandemic, we will need to scan our students, staff, and community more often with variations of four key questions.

  1. Can you name two people who believe you will be a success in life?
  2. What are you learning and why is it important?
  3. How is it going with your learning?
  4. What are your next steps?