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Helen Gorman Elementary
Learning, Together
Oct 23
Innovative Learning Environments


Outside – Urban and Forest

Create a space –provocations

Reflective/mirrored surfaces

Movement around the school

Platooning – use of different areas

Explore, understand and respect the Okanagan territory and the Okanagan people on whose land we reside



Calm lighting - lamps

Calm music


Working with teachers around the district

Flexible seating – choice of couches, stools, desks, floor

Empty table spaces

Nature Collections

Mindset/Mindfulness – teaching and modelling Growth Mindset (the belief that you can control your own ability and can learn and improve)

Soft Start: regulating activities for the first 15 minutes of the day so that students have the time to mentally adjust to being at school and are ready to learn

Collaboration: students are pushed to work with different people/groups daily

Variation/CHOICE – activities for LIT centers (reading, writing, word work) change based on needs of individuals which is meeting the needs of all levels – everyone feels successful

Dual language – trying to display and encourage ASL in the classroom

Calm Corners – Fidgets, breathing tools

Team teaching across grades

Student and teacher as learner

Using Questioning to lead direction

Stations – Daily 5 Reading, Math stations





Social, Emotional regulation

Voice and Choice



Take ownership of their learning



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There are no comments for this post.