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Helen Gorman Elementary
Learning, Together
Oct 23
Using an Indigenous lens with both Learning and Teaching the Core Competencies through The 6 Cedars/4 Food Chiefs


Using the 6 Cedars in primary and moving to the 4 Food Chiefs in intermediate

Talking Circles

Books with visuals

School Wide bulletin board to display


Connecting to the Zones of regulation

Using applied skills to self-reflect

Using connecting to others via personal characteristics of the 6 Cedar animals

One animal at a time – practice – challenges, self-reflection

GMS indigenous program – students – partnership with HGE students



Part of the curriculum

Indigenous content

Makes the core competencies more relatable

Brings the community in

4 food chiefs – keeping indigenous learning relevant to our local community while including the SD23 Attributes of a learner

Seeking experts through our Indigenous resources

To respect the Okanagan territory and the Okanagan people on whose land we reside and respect diversity


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There are no comments for this post.